KeyDb 1.0

Too many online accounts to remember? Here's help.


The advent of mobile phones has meant we don't need to remember telephone numbers anymore. However, the advent of the internet has meant we now have to remember many combinations of user names and passwords instead.

The two most obvious solutions are probably either using one or two passwords for everything, which is quite dangerous, or having an amazing memory, which most of us don't. KeyDB addresses this by giving you an encrypted database of your usernames and passwords that you can keep on and run from a USB stick.

To start with it's unclear how to use it. You need to open a New Password File, decide where to keep it, name it and give it a master password. The password files are encrypted, the idea being you have to remember one password to access the others. Once this is done, clicking the add button allows you to add password data. Enter the category, name, user name, password and URL. Once completed, clicking the URL will open that page in your default browser. Your passwords are starred, so no one can read them over your shoulder, but you can still copy and paste them into the password field on the web page.

If KeyDB took you to your web page and filled in the details, it would be even better, but it's still useful as a safe place to keep password data. It's not the most accessible program, but is easy enough to pick up.

KeyDb is a great portable application, really useful for people with a ton of online accounts.

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